We are a graphic design studio. We do awesome icons and occasionally logos and illustrations. We also do custom web development as well as scripts and plugins for existing Content Management Systems such as modX and Wordpress. We can also do some gaming development for iOS.

Web development of any level of complexity. If you can imagine it, we can build it.
Looking to outsource any Web development work? BanzaiTokyo can do it!
We specialize in MODx CMS and vBulletin forums, but can work with any web products and build custom scripts.

MODx & vBulletin integration
BanzaiTokyo has developed an integration script for MODx CMS and vBulletin forums. This script allows you to run those two products as one system where your users will only need to register and login only once for both your website and the forums. The integration concerns not only registration but seamlessly synchronizes all user related aspects of your website and forums.
Phone / +33 (0) 668474845
Skype / BanzaiTokyo
Mail / banzaitokyo@gmail.com

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Client: Ecommerce Icon Set
Date: Tuesday 23, October 2012

The icons are meant to be useful not only for ecommerce websites, but any website really as payments, users, alerts - it is all there.

Client: RAR Icon Theme
Date: Tuesday 01, November 2011

Black and white icon theme for popular windows archiver. Designed for Web Hosting Hub and distributed for free by RAR Labs.