here are iPhone games that we have developed in the past.

Flying upbeat cute koala

This is a cute little flying koala simulator game. A fart propelled koala…

It will be available on Windows Phone, Andoroid and of course iOS. Simple one finger touch control makes it extremely easy to learn and play.

We have finished 90% of game elements and we are working on final touches and game balance. We are looking for Windows Phone testers who would help us build a perfect game. Drop us a line if you are up to it.

And here’s for your viewing pleasure the story of the koala that explains why and how it flies:

Not a Bird

At one time there was an inexplicable buzz about  a stupid little game called Flappy Bird. You may have heard of it, you might have even played it or one of its clones. Appstore’s top was crammed with those.

We could easily make a clone ourselves, but it is not something that we are interested in so we have thought of a game with simple mechanics that we could build in two days and that was Not a Bird.

Unlike Flappy Bird this game did not make it to the top. But oh well, at least we have an experience of building a game from zero to release in two days.

it is still available on the AppStore and you can download Not a Bird for free

Download on the AppStore.

Banzai Dice

It is a fun little puzzle game that is easy to play but on the other hand will demand strategic skills to get high results.

Place the dice so that they form “strings”: sequences of dice of consecutive values or sequences of the same number. The more strings you can get in one move the higher your score will be. It is as simple is that, yet dangerously addictive!


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