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Monstrarium is a very simple massive multiplayer online game. It is available for web and Android platform.

Monstrarium rules.

You will be either nice or evil. Your state depends on the type of your character:

  1. superslow: 6 moves nice, 6 moves evil
  2. slow: 4 moves nice, 4 moves evil
  3. fast: 3 moves nice, 3 moves evil
  4. superfast: 1 move nice, 1 move evil

You can move around one cell at a time. Explore the world.
With every move you earn experience.
The game continues to run whether or not you move. Other players will be making moves.
If you find yourself on the same cell with another monster either you will kill him or he will kill

The outcome depends on three things:

  1. If you are evil and he is nice you will kill him. And the other way around.
  2. If you are both evil or both nice, the one with the highest experience will survive. But there
    will be a fight and even the winner will lose experience points.
  3. If you are both evil or both nice and you have equal amount of experience the chance will
    determine your fate. The survivor will come out with only 1 experience point.