Bicycle speedometer for Apple Watch

Download on the AppStoreWe are very excited about the upcoming Apple Watch and we believe there are great new products to be created for this new platform.

We have created a bicycle computer application that will show your current speed and other metrics of your bicycle trip directly on your watch as well as on your iPhone.

We would be happy to hear your  thoughts on what an ideal bicycle speedometer should be like. Drop us a line at

As we planned the app is available on the AppStore even before the sales of Apple Watch begin.  You can get it right now.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle speedometer for Apple Watch

  1. CEO says:

    Is the analog speed display non-linear ?

  2. Morteza says:

    Good morning

    What’s new in your upgrade. What can you say about including elevation, road gradation detection and recording of the a ride!

    Interested to discuss


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