Flying upbeat cute koala

This is a cute little flying koala simulator game. A fart propelled koala…

It will be available on Windows Phone, Andoroid and of course iOS. Simple one finger touch control makes it extremely easy to learn and play.

We have finished 90% of game elements and we are working on final touches and game balance. We are looking for Windows Phone testers who would help us build a perfect game. Drop us a line if you are up to it.

And here’s for your viewing pleasure the story of the koala that explains why and how it flies:

Bicycle speedometer for Apple Watch

Download on the AppStoreWe are very excited about the upcoming Apple Watch and we believe there are great new products to be created for this new platform.

We have created a bicycle computer application that will show your current speed and other metrics of your bicycle trip directly on your watch as well as on your iPhone.

We would be happy to hear your  thoughts on what an ideal bicycle speedometer should be like. Drop us a line at

As we planned the app is available on the AppStore even before the sales of Apple Watch begin.  You can get it right now.

Birthday Alarm

With ove 50 million members is the largest birthday reminder service in the world.

They asked us to build their iOS application which incorporated all the functionality that was previously available only on their website. Now you can get push notifications about your friends’ birthdays and send them greeting cards directly from your phone.

Download on the AppStore


Those icons will come useful to any open source or community run project. Want to let your visitors buy you a coffee or chips or both? Grab these icons and use them on your website!

Ugly Birds

We were asked to design the ugliest birds we could imagine. Here’s the result. They came out more cute than ugly. You can grab one for your twitter avatar from here.